If not specified, the default working directory is /. In practice, if you aren’t building a Dockerfile from scratch , the WORKDIR may likely be set by the base image you’re using. The WORKDIR instruction sets the working directory for any RUN, CMD,ENTRYPOINT, COPY and ADD instructions that follow it in the Dockerfile. If the WORKDIR doesn’t exist, it will be created even if it’s not used in any subsequent Dockerfile instruction. The first encountered COPY instruction will invalidate the cache for all following instructions from the Dockerfile if the contents of have changed. This includes invalidating the cache for RUN instructions.

  • This can occur on Python 3.5 and later when using Windows 8.1 or earlier without all updates having been installed.
  • It’s only ideal for those who will appreciate the ability to take it on the go more places, even if they are already carrying another phone in their other pocket.
  • Maybe the company wants us to use it instead of the script.
  • Right-click the installer that you downloaded in step 3—it will be labeled iTunesSetup or iTunes6464Setup—and choose “Run as administrator.”

The easiest way to replace PowerShell with Command Prompt is from Windows 10 settings. And this way will replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in WinX Menu.

Restore System to Repair Registry

Click Additional settings at the bottom of the window to open the Mouse Properties window. Click the Pointer Options tab and try enabling or disabling Enhance Pointer Precision. In addition, you might want to turn off the tap-to-click features, or the lower-right-corner feature that comes enabled by default. Multi-touch gestures could also be causing you grief, so turn those off if you find you keep invoking them accidentally. Customer success is a strategy to ensure a company’s products are meeting the needs of the customer. “Hybrid self and mutual capacitance touch sensing controllers”. A finger may be detected anywhere along the whole length of a row.

How to fix Windows Update covering basics

Wait for the results to load up and the apps to get updated. Once inside the app, head over to theLibrarytab from the set of buttons on the left side. Sometimes, an app may stop working if it has not been updated for a very long time—perhaps because fmod_event64.dll is missing from your computer it had a bug that interfered with some of its functions. The best way to fix this is to update the Photos app from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Photos is the default image viewer program on Windows.

Activation is not Required for Windows Updates

In Windows Explorer – shift + right mouse click above folder “Open command window here” option show up in the menu. This will add entries to the context-menu to launch a command window that is automatically navigated to the directory you clicked. If you don’t feel like diving into the Registry yourself, we’ve created some registry hacks you can use.